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Cloudpixe for business.

We give solution for all your problems: We have the unique way of backups for the businesses that is having & generating an increasing amount of data everyday. If you need a solution, here we are! Providing the best cloud-based storage, in addition a good organization of your data with AI intelligence for quick search.

Bring your business on Cloudpixe’s safest cloud –Pocket-friendly with great services.

The time has come to get rid of the old tradition of storing data in huge devices & infrastructures. This old method was very expensive and time-consuming for finding the required data. So the emerging need lead to the creation of Cloudpixe cloud storage in the market that is providing a secure and affordable solution for the problems.

After an expensive research and development, we have come up with the cloud storage online platform that incorporates the newest AI technologies to better understand the searches the users seeks for discovering their data. The technology intelligence stores the history of searches, and always gives the most favorable results for your search.

Cloudpixe For Business

This service is great for emerging businesses having low budget. The data are kept in huge infrastructure designed with super tough encryption to keep it safe & secure. Many instruments are used to keep the service working 24/7 without any hassle.

Few Reasons why to use Cloudpixe for Business.

To rise productivity & efficiencies

Why to spend money on old ways of storing data on huge server infrastructure? Switch it with Cloudpixe customized cloud-based data backup, where you only need to pay for the subscription. It’s time-saving while making searches, stores data securely, uses AI intelligence, thus stands sufficient for saving your expenses and rises productivity & efficiency.

For Advance securities

With Cloudpixe you never have to pay heed for the securities as we provide the same security like that of Netflix, NASA provide to its data. We shield your data with lots of complex encryptions to save it from cyber-attacks. You can even track your activities and get a notification in case of suspicious activities when noticed. .

Work Optimization

Our cloud backup service arranges and organizes all the data in a manner for better search result and for creating more space for the backups, helping the business to grow. We provide insights & all the information of saved data in a detailed manner. So feel free to upload as many files you desire.

Advantages of integrated solutions

We provide everything for you that suffice your need. There’s no requirement of any other people to carry out any installation process for any infrastructure. Hence we save your hard earnings and give you the best result and services that you desire.

Industries We Serve

We provide the most secure & intelligent cloud-based backup which is of cutting edge and is meant exclusively for your business.

Keep your data at the tip of your finger.

We offer services that is user-friendly, access to quick backing up & the simplest for our clients.