Finding of SaaS files

Sync, Share, Backup

This software of Cloudpixe helps to gather all the data at one place and you can access it after logging in. It gathers data from various sources such as facebook, drive, drop box etc.

Some of the world’s leading tech publications talk about Cloudpixe.

Quicker search for anything at any time

You can access your files, pictures, videos anytime anywhere with Cloudpixe using any device of your choice in fraction of seconds.

Discovering of file using content searching

For the user’s convenience in finding files, Cloudpixe has come up with technology that helps you to find your file by searching the content phrase in your file rather than just remembering the name of the file. You can even tag your files for better results.

Photo-detection search

This feature of Cloudpixe aids in finding the photos by the phrases of objects located in your desired pictures.

Demand streaming

Check out your videos now anytime with your friends & family. The system allows you to watch your moments anytime-anywhere with no buffering. It helps in viewing HD, 2k files directly from the cloud, sharing of videos & audios safely.

Mobile friendly

Working from your phone is now possible without having issues of security or storage or delay in work. Cloudpixe provides services that can be accessed from any device of your convenience and at any time of your choice.

Keep your data at the tip of your finger.

We offer services that is user-friendly, access to quick backing up & the simplest for our clients.