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Cloudpixe for all your Home Devices

Data backup online & sync for your files at home are now right at your tips.

Some of the world’s leading tech publications talk about Cloudpixe.

Stay connected with your data by faster discovering, finding of your memories digitally.

Now you can easily manage all your digital pictures, videos, documents with our Cloudpixe intelligent home that allows you to access the centralized user management and backups. The platform is quiet easy for usage and ensures all the content to be saved safely at one place.

Video streaming with No buffering.

Check out your videos now anytime with your friends & family: The system allows you to watch your moments anytime-anywhere with no buffering. It helps in viewing HD, 2k files directly from the cloud, sharing of videos & audios safely.

Face recognitions.

Utilize the latest technologies & its potential: This feature uses AI technologies to identify people and create their thump-nails for finding the pictures easily. Tagging also improves the effectiveness of searching.

AI photo detections.

Exploration of memory is now easy with innovations: This innovative feature helps to identify & find the pictures that you want by understanding the objects that are present in your pictures. Like now you can search with phrases “plate”, “birthday”, etc. to find your picture quickly. This feature uses your phrase to discover the picture that is similar to your phrase.

Mobile applications

Rocket like speedy accessibility: Now you can do the fastest backup of your data by using the app and not engaging the space of your devices. The backup of contacts, pictures, videos, files and many more can be done in few seconds.

Automated backups

No more loss of your any data: With Cloudpixe you can leave your worries behind because we are here to take care of your data once it’s uploaded with us.

Intelligent filters

We offer you with the safest platform to store & organize your data on the various factors.

We give a customized and an easy search result on the basis of location, time, resolutions, mobile device, etc. for finding your pictures quickly without wasting any time.

Keep your data at the tip of your finger.

We offer services that is user-friendly, access to quick backing up & the simplest for our clients.