Software for Optical Character Recognition

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Now the printed, typed, photo of any documents can be searched. Cloudpixe made this possible with the new advanced technologies like OCR.

Some of the world’s leading tech publications talk about Cloudpixe.

Discovery using OCR

Cloudpixe transforms the files into search-able data using this technology of OCR. It gives you a faster and quicker search result for your time-saving and keeping it effortless.

Scanned documents using OCR

Select the OCR location & the language to make this feature of Cloudpixe work for you. It can scan all the file formats like tiff, pdfs, jpegs, etc. to get your search result faster than possible.

Other features

Tagging, auditing, retention of file.

Phrase/ word search

Now it’s very easy to make searches using phrases or words that your file content carries. Cloudpixe is able to identify the structure of sentences and its language variation. You can use device of your choice like phone/computer to make searches. The result will be flourished to you just like that of search engines.

Keep your data at the tip of your finger.

We offer services that is user-friendly, access to quick backing up & the simplest for our clients.